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At SweetScience, we pride ourselves on our work and our results do the talking! However, people have said some great things about us ...

Jemini - Whitefriers School,


Coach Leroy explained the rules of boxing in a way that is was in line with our behaviour policy so the children were aware of this. The pitch, pace, language and techniques used were above and beyond what we expected. The children really liked the session and were very enthusiastic about it. It was really lovely to see our children benefit instantly just from one session. Leroy informed the children how he will be communicating weekly with the teacher, this really showed us how the link between the Coach and Teacher is important, he involved the school in the process which really helps us ensure we can address children's needs effectively. Thank you so much for an excellent first session. 


As a parent of a child with severe ADHD and mild ASD, I've immediately seen the benefits of my son working with Coach Leroy. He has now been able to engage openly about his daily struggles, including severe bullying, and also started to understand, with Leroy’s help, how to control his behavioural outbursts at home. SweetScience has given my son a clear focus, allowing him to vent openly through boxing, and shown him how to be committed to a more disciplined outlook. The mentoring 1:1 sessions Leroy has given have  definitely impacted positively, giving my son understanding on different ways to tackle a problem rather than getting angry and lashing out both verbally and physically.

Mrs R Harraway -  Head of Year 7, Cove School

Thank you Coach Leroy for the time you are spending with our students each week. Your work is invaluable. The mentoring is helping students take account of their actions and behaviours and speaking to them in a way that is relatable and relevant. They are listening to what you have to say and the advice that you are giving. They respect you tremendously and I am starting to see the benefit of this. They are fully enjoying the physical aspect also. They're listening to direction and wanting to do well. They're accessing a sport that they wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to access and are being taught in a way that is relevant to them. Your work really is invaluable and I am truly grateful for you time

Louise Bloomfield - Assisant Head Teacher, Welldon Park Academy

The SweetScience Boxing programme has been hugely successful here. We have chosen a group of children from Year 3 with a variety of needs, including children who require support to regulate their emotions and behaviours. The sessions support children with their attention and listening skills as well. In a short time we have already seen improvement in the children’s self-esteem and a reduction in behaviour incidents for most of the participants.  Overall this prgramme has been brilliant for the children.

Niamh Braiden - Pastoral Support Manager, Pinner High School

We have two groups taking part in the SweetScience Programme through Years 8, 9 and 10. We have some lively characters in the classroom, so it was amazing to see Coach Leroy have them all so engaged, quiet and showing how respectful they can be. I can already see the impact on our students, removing themselves from situations that may get them into trouble, controlling their anger and being able to see the bigger picture. The sessions have brought a purpose and focus for lots of our students, especially those with difficult home lives.

Sarah - Behavioural Mentor,

Hatch End High School

The SweetScience sessions have been an eye-opener for some of the students on how they act, feel and present themselves. Some of the students have asked how they may be able to change how teachers view them and what to do when they know it is going wrong in a lesson, which is extremely positive. The students are willing to attend and were ready waiting for the second session, which is always a good sign. Thank you again for supporting our young people, we are very grateful.

Gaby Collen - Bentley Wood High School For Girls

Dear Leroy, Thank you so much for coming in during sports week 2023! Your coaching and sessions were fantastic and a lot of the girls keep asking me when are we going to do a boxing session here at school. You are incredibly professional and knowledgable which helped you relate to the students helping to build positive relationships from the beginning.

Here are a couple of quotes from the students:

“Boxing is not just for boys, I loved the small session I had as it helped me realise how strong I really am.” – year 9 student.

“I didn’t think I would be very good at it, but that was not true. I can actually punch and I really enjoyed it!” – year 8 student.

“I didn’t think I would enjoy boxing, but I was wrong!” – year 7 student.

We cannot wait to work with you more in the future to see what we can uncover here at Bentley Wood High School.

SweetScience Boxing Mentoring In Schools Programme

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