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Childhood obesity is at an all time high. Could it have anything to do with the rise of the computer games, fewer play areas, junk food outlets on every street corner, or a parent's fear of letting kids out to play?

Why do discipline, manners and respect seem to be rapidly evaporating from our youth? Is it the influence of movies, music or are our standards on the slippery slope of decline?

We believe that SweetScience can make a difference because boxing training grabs the attention and the imagination in a way that football, tennis, netball or rugby does not.

Maybe it is because boxing has been so inaccessible, only a very small percentage of people would chance wandering into a local boxing club for fear of being thrown into the ring.

SweetScience takes the fear factor out of boxing training and makes it fun and safe, whilst teaching the values and benefits of having respect, self discipline and a good work ethic. 

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