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Everyday, our SweetScience coaches see what the students in our schools and classes eat throughout the day.  It's no less than shocking to see children and teenagers consuming high caffeine, high sugar 'energy' drinks for breakfast. Let alone the bad food habits that they continue to follow throughout the rest of the day.

We have a responsibility to teach children the benefits of good, clean, nutritious wholefoods ... along with the dangers of too many sweets, cakes, crisps, colas, energy drinks and junk food which are readily available in our 'convenience' society.  SweetScience teach students in an interesting 'eye-opening' way that they all find exciting, engaging and informative.

We are planning to launch a unique, interactive SweetScience Nutrition Module within the schools we work with - contact us to register your interest.

Not only do SweetScience provide children with all the knowledge they need to make healthy food choices, we are planning to reintroduce our Breakfast Clubs, to ensure that they start their school day with a nutritious breakfast.

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