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SweetScience is a company dedicated to teaching school children the art of boxing. The popularity of boxing in schools has been on the rise for a few years now and it’s rapidly gathering momentum.  The success of SweetScience stems from much more than just teaching students how to throw and block punches.  SweetScience focuses on character education.  Before we teach any students the noble art, we explain to them that a certain kind of discipline and respect is required otherwise they will simply be removed from the class.  The kids take this discipline seriously and enjoy making sure that they focus and abide by the rules in order to achieve what’s been asked of them. 

SweetScience expound that some kids play tennis, some play football, some play netball – but no one ‘plays’ boxing.  The results that SweetScience achieve in the classroom have been well documented, with students attending school more often and teachers seeing behaviour significantly improve within every school we work with. More and more pupils are picking their GCSE in boxing over football and other more traditional sports.

A recent article published by Ark Academy explains the beneficial impact of the SweetScience Programme at their school: 

For details on one to one mentoring for a student in your school, speak with Leroy Nicholas to discuss a bespoke programme.


Children’s classes range from the ages of 6 to 12 years of age.  At SweetScience we cover not only non-contact boxing training, but we use this opportunity to educate the children about many things including basic anatomy, the benefits of team work, healthy nutrition as well as the importance of keeping fit.

All students will be able to take part in a structured and graded course designed by the Amateur Boxing Association of England in which, if successful, they will gain a certificate or trophy in the Bronze, Silver or Gold category.  These sessions can be held in school time as a PE lesson or in an after school club.


SweetScience use this great opportunity to show the 'computer game generation' that physical activity can be fun and enjoyable.

This age group loves this type of activity and it is a great way to expend excess energy and get rid of any stress in the safest and healthiest way.  At SweetScience, we highlight the principles of warm ups, stretching and basic bio-mechanics in a way that are both relevant and interesting.

Students have the chance to take part in a graded course designed by the Amateur Boxing Association of England in which they can gain certificates and trophies in the Bronze, Silver and Gold category.  These classes can also be taken in school time as a PE lesson or as an after school club. 

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