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Leroy Nicholas 


Coach & Mentor



I began boxing training as a nine year old, having been bullied by older kids at school and then seeing ROCKY at the cinema I could not wait to start. I remember loving the training as well as the team spirit that exuded from our club and when our coach told me one day that he felt I was good enough to actually take part in a competitive match I recall feeling a mixture of extreme pride and Grade A nerves.

My first bout took place under the guise of a long extinct beast called a “gym show,“ these were a way of gently introducing youngsters into competitive boxing, they were held in the clubs gym during the daytime and were populated by a few proud parents, no decisions were given at these shows and both boxers hands were raised at the conclusion.

Needless to say I became hooked, my whole life revolved around boxing and boxing training. Throughout my school years I have witnessed the trends of cigarettes, glue sniffing, alcohol abuse and marijuana use but they were never
an option to me, in part because of my respect for my parents but probably in equal measure down to me believing that my next opponent would be dedicated and super fit.  I went on to represent my county and country and loved how proud it made my parents, my school and my friends.


I believe that my love of boxing is what guided me into my career as a personal trainer, I have been involved in the fitness industry since 1989 and have used boxing training with a wide cross section of people, all of whom have loved it. Whilst maintaining my own personal training business I was working with Hammersmith & Fulham council with kids and adults with learning difficulties and have achieved a new high in work satisfaction.

I wanted to keep this feeling going by introducing kids to a fun and useful way of achieving fitness, confidence, a real feeling of self worth and a good work ethic. And SweetScience was born. It is not about getting kids into competitive boxing, (please remember its non-contact).  It is about using something they will enjoy to help learn some valuable life lessons.

Amateur Boxing Association Boxing Tutor - RSA
B.A.W.L.A Leaders Certificate - RSA
Central Council Community Sports Leader Award
City & Guilds – Recreation and Leisure Industries
Premier Fitness Certificate - RSA
YMCA Fitness Trainers Award - RSA

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