About Us

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It has never been just about boxing at SweetScience.  We use our programme as a Trojan Horse to teach

young people life lessons along with social and moral guidelines, discussing local and national issues such as

gang culture and knife crime to body language and manners right through to healthy living and nutrition.

As well as working in schools from primary to secondary, we have worked extensively with the BBC YourGame project bringing sports open days to Birmingham, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Manchester. We have worked alongside the Beat Bullying Foundation, the NHS and with CentrePoint homeless charity and Greenhouse. From young people who have excess energy that needs channelling to students that lack confidence,the results SweetScience have attained have been voiced by Head’s, Teacher’s, pupils and parents.

With Team GB’s inspirational showing at the London Olympics we are proud to announce Olympic Heavyweight Gold Medallist, Antony Joshua as our Ambassador.  As he only laced on a pair of gloves for the first time a few years ago, it highlights the fact that there is great talent out there that needs to be uncovered and nurtured.  SweetScience can provide the pathways to help this happen.

We make our programme accessible to all, including those that do not normally take part in sport.

As Katie Taylor, Clarissa Shields and Nicola Adams are proving to us, boxing is no longer exclusively a man’s domain.