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SweetScience Boxing Mentoring Programme in Schools
Benefits Your Community

In today’s world of iphones and Xboxes, of obesity and apathy, of XFactor fame and instant gratification …

it takes something out of the ordinary to engage young people long enough to be able to educate them.

SweetScience have been delivering a programme in schools which does exactly that, since 2005.

The competitive nature of many sports taught on the curriculum has alienated many students, body type and athletic ability can preclude some from feeling confident enough to really give it a go.

With SweetScience, students become engaged quickly in a safe environment and everybody is

equal in the boxing gym. 

“SweetScience has created a Boxing Programme of the highest quality ... The effect this programme has on young people cannot be under-estimated as it develops their self-esteem, focuses their self-discipline and promotes a life long active healthy lifestyle ... This programme should be a pre-requisite for every young person in education.”

Mr Tom Smith - Head of PE
Christ's School, Richmond Upon Thames

We teach skills that our children actually need in life … not only do we get kids to love fitness, but we teach confidence, focus, respect, attitude and the importance of exercise and good nutrition, we also mix in valuable life lessons that so many of today’s young people

do not get taught anywhere else. 

“You are not cheating me, you are only cheating yourself”


“Nothing worthwhile is easy”


“There can be no progress without struggle”


These are just some of the codes that we instill in our students.

We discuss real issues in these kid’s lives – many of them admit they have no one else to talk to and confide in our experienced

Boxing Coaches. SweetScience has worked with thousands of school children and taught them lessons they will never forget and values that they will choose to live by.

We have statistical evidence that our programme improves behaviour as well as fitness levels, as this diagram explains.

These behavioural graphs were independently commissioned by the Head of Inclusions at one of our schools, representing student's bad behaviour. 

Blue represents bad behaviour before students embarked on our programme, red represents student’s bad behaviour after eight weeks of working with SweetScience.

At SweetScience we believe that discipline, self control, determination, adherence to social and moral guidelines are priceless and that a child’s good character is a better precursor to success than their IQ alone.

This has relevance in our schools now more than ever.  Every school needs the SweetScience Boxing Mentoring Programme … teachers and parents highly recommend our programme as it has significantly changed the young student lives for the better.

For the benefit of youth, community and our future society, you cannot afford not to have this programme running in your school or deny our future generation the valuable skills that they need to step up to the challenges of life and succeed. 

Click on the videos to watch testimonials from teachers and students and an interview with the SweetScience Founder, Leroy Nicholas. 

SweetScience Boxing Mentoring In Schools Programme

Student Testimonial - Burlington Danes Academy

Student Testimonial - Burlington Danes Academy
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Student Testimonial - Burlington Danes Academy

Student Testimonial - Burlington Danes Academy

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Student Testimonial BDA 2

Student Testimonial BDA 2

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Student Testimonial - Bishopshalt School

Student Testimonial - Bishopshalt School

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PE Hub Lead for ARK Network Testimonial

PE Hub Lead for ARK Network Testimonial

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If you've not previously benefited from the SweetScience Boxing Mentoring Programme In Schools, call Leroy Nicholas today to discuss booking a discounted session in your school at the beginning of term in September 2023 ... let SweetScience show you what your students have been missing.

If you're a professional boxer who wants to join our campaign for boxing in schools

and participate on some SweetScience open days

then get involved here.

If you're a parent who is looking for one-on-one mentoring for your child, if you're an MP, a school governor or a local councillor, if you run youth clubs or if you're a teenager looking for guidance then contact SweetScience today.  You're one step away from making positive change.

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